Magic Cleen Foam Scrubber contains antifungal agent, will not Mildew. Foam scrubber doesn’t tear easily because of the strength and that makes it reliable and long lasting. Leaves no oil stains, suitable for non-stick cookware and ideal for washing-up and for use in the bathroom. The many different coloured scourers allow you to colour-code your cleaning for better cleaning area.

Features & Usage:

The unique surface of Magic Cleen Foam Scrubber makes heavy-duty cleaning like a breeze. They are absorbent and suitable for all non-stick surfaces. The product is easy to clean that makes it reusable and for multipurpose. Foam scrub pads are safe on hands, can be used in kitchen, bathroom, glass and car.

Magic Cleen Fighter - 3 Pcs

Magic Cleen 3 in one

Magic Cleen Fighter - 4 Pcs

Shaktiman Scourer (Pad with steel wire)

Shaktiman Premium (Pad with steel wire)

Premium - Bamboo Scourer Pad

XTREAME - Bamboo Scourer Pad

Double Action - Bamboo Scourer Pad

Tuff - Scourer Pad

Smart - Scourer Pad

Glitter - Scourer Pad

Power - Scourer Pad

Eco - Scourer Pad

Shiny - Scourer Pad

Wool Scrubber - Small