Magic Cleen under the Umbrella of Convertex India sells Sponge Wipe based on German based technology on their unique characteristics of the sponge cloth to explore new applications and develop special variants to access new markets. These sponge wipe cloth was used solely for household cleaning. Sponge Wipe Cloth has been manufactured from cellulose and cotton filaments, the two of which are renewable resources. Consolidating these regular items delivers a one of a kind Sponge wipe cloth with remarkable retentiveness, durability and sustainability. These Sponge Wipe fabrics are likewise simple to discard as they are completely compostable and biodegradable.

Economical Products
Sponge Wipe Pack of 3 Magiccleen
Sponge Wipe Pack of 5 Magiccleen
Premium Products
Fancy Sponge Wipe Pack of 3 - Magiccleen